Gallery Template Using React ✨🎊

I’m currently learning and working ReactJs and this is my first React you know It’s a Gallery Template with a nice and beautiful design. You can clone it and use it as your project or connect a api to it 🤔🔥 if it has any problem or bug please tell me in Issues to fix that problem 😴🤝


I deploy this Gallery on Netlify so you can see online this Gallery on the Netlify or see the below preview 😉🖼 Gallery Desktop

📍 Instalation steps ⚙

clon this repo with this command: git clone
go to the directory and enter: npm i
when all packages are completely installed enter: npm start

Mansonry Layout

I use react-masonry-css for the Masonry Layout But if you don’t like use this react package you can check how you can implemente the masonry layout with pure css

sort images ⛓

Screenshot 2022-04-22 020909 there is a dropdown that you can use it for sort the images 😉💣 Let’s see all the features 🧐🎈


  • nice dark theme and design 🔥🎨✨
  • sort the images 🧮
  • responsive 📲
  • masonry layout ⛓🖼


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