Catalogue Of Pets

This React Capstone project is a browsable catalogue of pets using React and Redux that enables users to filter and access details of a specific item.

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This project was built as a React & Redux Capstone project at Microverse. It is based on the idea of a "Catalogue of Recipes" which is a single-page application with React and Redux. It shows a browsable list of pets that users can filter and access to the details of each pet. Every page, the main page, and pages for each item have a unique route within the Single Page Application. it has three functionality.

  • Page with a list of pets that could be filtered by animal type
  • Page for displaying lists of a particular animal type
  • Page for displaying deatails of a particular pet

Built With

  • React
  • PetFinder API
  • Redux
  • Hooks
  • Router
  • Css
  • NodeJS

Live Demo

Live Demo Link


  • NodeJS
  • React

Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.

  • Git clone repository
  • Cd to the project directory cd catalogue-of-pet
  • Install dependencies npm install
  • On the terminal run npm start to open up live server
  • To run test Type npm run test in the terminal