use-temporary-disclosure is a React hook that provides an easy way to manage the visibility of UI elements for a specific duration. It’s perfect for temporary notifications, tooltips, or any component that should appear for a limited time. The hook offers simple yet powerful functions to show and hide elements with timing control and callback functionalities.


To install the package, run the following command in your project directory:

npm install use-temporary-disclosure

Example use

Here’s a basic example of how to use use-temporary-disclosure in your React component to display a notification component for 5000ms.

import useTemporaryDisclosure from 'use-temporary-disclosure';

const DemoComponent = () => {
	const { isOpen, openFor } = useTemporaryDisclosure();

	const handleShowNotification = () => {
			duration: 3000,
			callback: () => alert('Notification closes now'),

	return (
				width: '100vw',
				height: '100vh',
				display: 'flex',
				alignItems: 'center',
				justifyContent: 'center',
				style={{ cursor: 'pointer' }}
				Show Notification

			{isOpen && (
				<div style={{ color: 'green' }}>Notification content.</div>

export default DemoComponent;

API Reference

useTemporaryDisclosure returns an object with the following properties

const { openFor, isOpen, openIn, closeIn } =

For easy use

openFor(opts: TemporaryDisclosureFunctionOpts): void Sets the state to open, then automatically closes it after a specified duration and executes a callback function.

isOpen: boolean Indicates the current open state.

If you want fine grain control

openIn(opts: TemporaryDisclosureFunctionOpts): void Sets the state to open after a delay and executes a callback function.

closeIn(opts: TemporaryDisclosureFunctionOpts): void Sets the state to closed after a delay and executes a callback function.

TemporaryDisclosureFunctionOpts take an optional duration in milliseconds and optional callback.


This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE file for details.


Feel free to suggest improvements or submit a PR!

Gotchas if you run this locally

Given you have a create-react-app on the side to test the package locally, use the same React versions, in order to do this you should link or import react and react-dom from use-temporary-disclosure.

npm install ../../path-to/use-temporary-disclosure/node_modules/react


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