Starter React.js NestJS MySQL with continuous integration and AWS deployment

Start your next fullstack web app in seconds
A clean and scalable architecture with AWS deployment and continuous integration

"It has been developed by our best developpers, as the result of dozens of experiments on real projects. This starter bundles best practices together. If you know the stack, you won’t need to learn anything else."

Features included in the starter

A modern full-stack web starter that allows you to create your web application faster with the best developper experience.

See full documentation here.

  • Frontend and Backend architecture
  • User authentication
  • Continuous integration with GitHub Actions
  • AWS deployment
  • Rest API
  • ORM with TypeORM
  • Local database with MySQL image

Add-on features

According to your needs, you can add additionals features on the starter.

They have been developped by the community to be easily pluggable, and are made of a source code and a fully detailed documentation.

A non-exhaustive list of available modules:

  • Subscription payments with Stripe
  • Websockets
  • Send emails with Mailjet
  • Upload file to an AWS S3 bucket
  • Dynamic rendering
  • ...

Discover all modules here.