Proyect Template CLI Tool

A cli tool for creating a template project

Quick Overview

npm i @marcelogarcia/mg-project-cli
npx mg-create-project
cd your-project-name
npm start or npm run start:dev for nest project

Creating a new project

You’ll need to have Node 12 or later version on your local development machine.

To create a new project, you need to install “npm i @marcelogarcia/mg-project-cli` then enter the following command:


npx mg-create-project

After entering the commands above, the following options will pop up.

Build errors

This will generate a new project depending the option you choose.

Template repos:

React project using typescript and with redux boilerplate implemented.

Nest project boilerplate using cqrs and typeorm.

Packages Used

cli-welcome |
esm |
inquirer |
nanospinner |

npm i cli-welcome esm inquirer nanospinner shelljs


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