Zara Clone Deployed Link: Zara-origins

This project is a clone of which is well known online shopping store. The company specializes in fast fashion, and products include clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products and many more things.

Tech Stack :

The tech Stack we used for creating this website are :-

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. React
  5. Redux
  6. Material UI

Landing Page :

The landing page of displays the navigation bar which contains menu bar , search button , helps , Login Cart. In our website, we tried our best to clone same as original website. land2

Screenshot (1565)

Screenshot (1564)

Menu Section :

We have added Menu section on the top left corner, if you click on the menu it will show the categories and subcategories of that section.

Screenshot (1566)

Screenshot (1567)

Product Page :

There are so much categories user can find their products according to their need . We have added products from original website and categorized them into different section.






Cart Section :

When we add some products using Add to Bag button, the products you have choosen, will showcase into the Cart Section.


Login and Create Account :

You can see Login and Create Account page. We used some NPM packages to authorize and authenticate users. Here user can also login and logout to the website.



Payment Page :

We have added different payment methods, users can choose according to there preference, and after selecting any method it will redirect users to final payment page. Users have to provide OTP to verify their order which they received on their registered Email address.




Responsive :

Our website is responsive as well.

Contributors :


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