codershouse-mern – This Project is Under Development.

Below are some of the implemented interface and the remaining features will be updated in future.


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• Registration
1. Registration is done using the OTP system. This is sent using the phone number or email address.
2. Need to collect following info when registering.
1. Full name
2. Profile picture
3. Create username

• Rooms
1. Authenticated user can see list of available public rooms.
2. User can filter the rooms using search box
3. User can join existing room or create a new room
4. Creator of the room can add other users as speakers
5. Room should have following types
1. Public room: Any Authenticated user can see this room and can join that room
2. Closed room: This room can be joined only through the link.

• Room:
Room will have 2 types of users

  1. Speakers : People who can speak (they can mute/unmute themselves)
  2. Listeners : People who can only listen. (their mic will be muted by default)
  3. Any user can leave the room.
  4. Speaker can choose their Mic from available devices.
  5. Only Creator of the room can delete the room.

• Profile

  1. Users will have a user profile page. Any authenticated user can visit this page and follow
    that user.
  2. User should have followers and following count on the profile page

• Login

  1. User can login using OTP. OTP will be sent on phone number or email address
    • Logout
  2. User can logout using logout button

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