A component that can arrange items according to the type of grids.


MasonryGrid JustifiedGrid FrameGrid PackingGrid
  • MasonryGrid: The MasonryGrid is a grid that stacks items with the same width as a stack of bricks. Adjust the width of all images to the same size, find the lowest height column, and insert a new item.
  • JustifiedGrid: 'justified' is a printing term with the meaning that 'it fits in one row wide'. The JustifiedGrid is a grid that the item is filled up on the basis of a line given a size.
  • FrameGrid: 'Frame' is a printing term with the meaning that 'it fits in one row wide'. The FrameGrid is a grid that the item is filled up on the basis of a line given a size.
  • PackingGrid: The PackingGrid is a grid that shows the important items bigger without sacrificing the weight of the items. Rows and columns are separated so that items are dynamically placed within the horizontal and vertical space rather than arranged in an orderly fashion.


Download and Installation

Download dist files from repo directly or install it via npm.

$ npm install @egjs/grid
<script src="//"></script>

How to use

import { MasonryGrid, JustifiedGrid, FrameGrid, PackingGrid } from "@egjs/grid";

// Grid.MasonryGrid
const grid = new MasonryGrid(container, {
  gap: 5,



Package Version Description
@egjs/react-grid version React port of @egjs/grid
@egjs/ngx-grid version Angular port of @egjs/grid
@egjs/vue-grid version Vue.js port of @egjs/grid
@egjs/svelte-grid version Svelte port of @egjs/grid

Supported Browsers

The following are the supported browsers.

Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Safari iOS Android
9+ Latest Latest Latest 7+ 4+(polyfill 2.2+)

How to start developing egjs-grid?

For anyone interested to develop egjs-grid, follow the instructions below.

Development Environment

1. Clone the repository

Clone the egjs-grid repository and install the dependency modules.

# Clone the repository.
$ git clone

2. Install dependencies

# Install the dependency modules.
$ npm install

3. npm start

Run storybook for development.

Open http://localhost:6006 to view it in the browser.

The page will reload if you make edits.
You will also see any lint errors in the console.

3. npm build

Use npm script to build Grid

$ npm run build

Two folders will be created after complete build is completed.

  • dist folder: Includes the grid.js and grid.min.js files.
  • doc folder: Includes API documentation. The home page for the documentation is doc/index.html.


To keep the same code style, we adopted ESLint to maintain our code quality. The rules are modified version based on Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide.
Setup your editor for check or run below command for linting.

$ npm run lint


Once you created a branch and done with development, you must perform a test running with npm test command before your push the code to a remote repository.

$ npm run test

Running npm test command will start Mocha tests via Karma-runner.