Better React Carousel – Typed

React responsive carousel component w/ grid layout to easily create a carousel like photo gallery, shopping product card or anything you want


  • RWD
  • Multiple items
  • Multiple rows
  • Infinite loop
  • Support any component as a item to put into grid
  • Show/hide dots
  • Show/hide arrow buttons
  • Autoplay
  • Enable/Disable scroll-snap for each item on mobile device
  • Customized layout (cols & rows) for different breakpoint
  • Customized arrow button
  • Customized dots
  • Support SSR


$ npm install better-react-carousel --save


Just import the Carousel component from better-react-carousel and put your item into Carousel.Item

import React from 'react'
import Carousel from 'better-react-carousel'

const Gallery = () => {
  return (
    <Carousel cols={2} rows={1} gap={10} loop>
        <img width="100%" src="" />
        <img width="100%" src="" />
        <img width="100%" src="" />
        {/* anything you want to show in the grid */}
      {/* ... */}


Prop Type Default Description
cols Number 1 Column amount rendered per page
rows Number 1 Row amount rendered per page
gap Number | String 10 Margin (grid-gap) for each item/grid in px or %, passed Number will turn to px unit
loop Boolean false Infinite loop or not
scrollSnap Boolean true true for applying scroll-snap to items on mobile
hideArrow Boolean false Show/hide the arrow prev/next buttons
showDots Boolean false Show dots indicate the current page on desktop mode
autoplay Number Autoplay timeout in ms; undefined for autoplay disabled
dotColorActive String ‘#795548’ Valid css color value for active dot
dotColorInactive String ‘#ccc’ Valid css color value for inactive dot
responsiveLayout Array Customized cols & rows on different viewport size
mobileBreakpoint Number 767 The breakpoint(px) to switch to default mobile layout
arrowLeft Element Customized left arrow button
arrowRight Element Customized left arrow button
dot Element Customized dot component with prop isActive
containerStyle Object Style object for carousel container


Array of layout settings for each breakbpoint

Setting options

  • breakpoint: Number; Requried; Equals to max-width used in media query, in px unit
  • cols: Number; Column amount in specific breakpoint
  • rows: Number; Row amount in specific breakpoint
  • gap: Number | String; Gap size in specific breakpoint
  • loop: Boolean; Infinite loop in specific breakpoint
  • autoplay: Number; autoplay timeout(ms) in specific breakpoint; undefined for autoplay disabled


    breakpoint: 800,
    cols: 3,
    rows: 1,
    gap: 10,
    loop: true,
    autoplay: 1000



// your custom dot component with prop `isActive`
const MyDot = ({ isActive }) => (
      display: 'inline-block',
      height: isActive ? '8px' : '5px',
      width: isActive ? '8px' : '5px',
      background: '#1890ff'

// set custom dot
<Carousel dot={MyDot} />


Storybook (Don’t forget to try on different viewport size)

$ git clone
$ cd better-react-carousel

$ npm ci
$ npm run storybook

Use case in real world

# clone & install packages
$ npm run dev
# open localhost:8080




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