react-native-material-chips is a library that facilitates the easy implementation of versatile and customizable chips inspired by material design in React Native applications. The library supports various chip types and variants, allowing developers to create visually appealing and functional chip components.




  1. Chip Types:

    • Supports different chip types, including default, filter, and input, catering to diverse use cases.
  2. Chip Variants:

    • Offers chip variants such as solid, outlined, and disabled, allowing developers to choose from different visual styles.
  3. Easy Customization:

    • Provides straightforward customization options for both appearance and behavior, enabling developers to tailor the chips to their specific needs.

react-native-material-chips enhances the development process by simplifying the implementation of material design-inspired chips in React Native applications. The library's versatility and customization options make it suitable for various scenarios where chips are utilized.