A debugging tool for streaming media. See the website for more details.

Downloading and Installing


ffmpeg and ffprobe (version 4 or 5) are required on your PATH for to work. Note that ffprobe comes with ffmpeg. If you’ve previously installed ffmpeg, or anything that uses ffmpeg, you most likely have it available on your PATH already. You can check that they’re available by opening a terminal and running ffmpeg and ffprobe. If you see output that isn’t “command not found,” you should be set.

If you don’t have ffmpeg and ffprobe, you can install them via your favorite package manager or the ffmpeg website.

Getting the Latest Release

  • Go to the releases page.
  • Download the DMG of the latest release. The file is named “debug-video-#.#.#.dmg”, where “#.#.#” is the version of the release.


Open the DMG and drag the app into the Applications directory.


This project was bootstrapped with Create React App, and Electron was added on top. There are two main directories: electron and src.

electron has all of the Electron code.

src has the React app (rendered as a BrowserWindow by Electron).

npm run dev

Starts both the React app and Electron.

Any updates to the React component tree (starting with src/App.js) will auto refresh in the BrowserWindow. Changes outside of the tree and in Electron require a new run.

npm run debug

Does the same as npm run dev but adds --inspect. After running, open chrome://inspect in Chrome to debug the main process.


For testing a packaged build yourself, npm run package builds both React and Electron and runs electron-builder to package everything together. The app is put into the dist/ directory and can be installed by opening

For releasing to others, macOS requires the code to be signed and notarized. This is done automatically by a GitHub action when a tag is pushed. It will create a draft of a release on the Releases page. Once that draft is published, users can download the debug-video-v#.#.#.dmg asset.

The GitHub action can be viewed in the .github directory. The notarization script is notarize.js. The entitlements file is entitlements.mac.plist.


Any and all contributions are welcome and appreciated!


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