ICO APP (Decentralized Crypto ICO App)

ICO App is a Crypto ICO Web3 app (also known as DAPP) that allows user to buy newly created STKN Token (ERC20) in a decentralized manner by virtue of blockchain technology. This ICO App Smart Contract is deployed in Goerli TestNet Network.

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  • All Transactions are routed through ICO Smart Contract, Deployed in Goerli Testnet network.
  • Transparent, Immutable, No censorship resistance.
  • Hardhat Smart Contract Development Framework used for Smart Contracts.
  • Full Frontend with ReactJs.
  • 9 Screens, 13 Reusable Components, 15 Libraries Used, 2000+ Lines of Code.
  • Beautiful UI with Tailwind css.
  • Ethers Js used for interacting with smart contracts
  • Context API used for Global Context.
  • Web3modal Used for Wallet Connection.
  • ChartJs used for beautiful charts.
  • Joi used for effectively handling User input validation.
  • React Toastify used for Notifications.

Tech Stack

  • Client : ReactJS
  • Styles : Tailwind css
  • Technology : Blockchain
  • Network : Goerli Testnet

Smart Contracts deployed on Goerli Testnet

Smart Contracts Genesis Transaction – Goerli Testnet


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