The feedback collector is a simple form that helps you quickly gather user feedback from your own website or web app. When people fill out the form, their entries are saved as notes in Dovetail. You’ll need a project on Dovetail, along with its collector ID (found in collector settings).


npm i @heydovetail/collector-react

Example implementation

import { Collector } from "@heydovetail/collector-react"
import * as React from "react";

interface State {
  feedback: boolean;

class Example extends React.Component<{}, State> {
  public state: State = { feedback: false };

  public render() {
    return (
        <button onClick={() => { this.setState({ feedback: true }); }}>Send feedback</button>

        { ? (
            defaultEntries={{ email: "[email protected]" }}
            onDismiss={(sent: boolean) => {
              sent ? console.log("Feedback sent!") : this.setState({ feedback: false });
            metadata={{ browser: navigator.userAgent }}
        ) : null}


export interface Props {
  // Collector ID from Dovetail.
  // Find this in your project’s collector settings.
  collectorId: string;

  // Optional key:value pairs for setting default data.
  // e.g. prefill user’s name and email if they’re logged in.
  defaultEntries?: { [key: string]: string };

  // Optional domain for where to fetch the dialog.
  // Defaults to
  domain?: string;

  // Optional key:value pairs for passing extra information.
  // e.g. store browser version, local time, etc.
  metadata?: { [key: string]: string };

  // Called when the user clicks the ‘X’ icon to close the dialog
  // or the ‘Done’ button after successfully sending the form.
  // Returns true or false depending on whether feedback was sucessfully sent
  // or false if the user just closed the dialog without sending feedback.
  onDismiss: (sent: boolean) => void;