Glaze is a new tab extension , based primarily on productivity and great UX, it is still in early phase of development, I have only pushed the create-react-app build for now, but I plan to push the extension version along with build instructions in a few days. Currently glaze has the functionality of setting a nice backgorund with a clock + greeting feature.

Currently the frontend fetches state from the glaze-api which Im developing locally , I’ll push that in a couple of days too

Next I plan to

  • add more customization options to the user
  • do a redux re-write since i think state managaement will be a pain as the app grows
  • organise css better (Im thinking sass), even at this stage the css is getting out of hand

Macha because I was watching a kenny sebastian podcast at the time , lol

Screenshot from 2021-09-30 15-23-03

Custom greeting , will later shift to a mantra or catch phrase that you can set , yes it assumes its goodevening any time of the day, time based greetings coming soon !

Screenshot from 2021-09-30 15-23-11

Also the quotes are from the office , any other quoteService PRs , or design / random feedback appreciated!

Setup instructions :

  • go to root
  • npm install
  • npm start