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turborepo kitchen sink starter

This is an official Yarn v1 starter Turborepo with multiple meta-frameworks all working in harmony and sharing packages.

What’s inside?

This Turborepo includes the following packages and apps:

Apps and Packages

  • api: an Express server
  • storefront: a Next.js app
  • admin: a Vite single page app
  • blog: a Remix blog
  • logger: isomorphic logger (a small wrapper around console.log)
  • ui: a dummy React UI library (which contains a single <CounterButton> component)
  • scripts: Jest and eslint configurations
  • tsconfig: tsconfig.json;s used throughout the monorepo

Each package and app is 100% Typescript.


This turborepo has some additional tools already setup for you:

  • Typescript for static type checking
  • ESLint for code linting
  • Jest test runner for all things JavaScript
  • Prettier for code formatting

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