Xarerp – Client

System to manage sales, inventory, employees, stores and more.

Developed with

This is just the front-end of the application, to get the back-end (API created in Node), go to: Xarerp – API

You can view a demo of the front-end with the mocked back-end (using localStorage and with some limited functions) by clicking here.

Basic functionality example


Light and Dark theme


Mobile breakpoint


Some features

  • ✅ Persistence of user choices
  • ✅ Login persistence (jsonwebtoken)
  • ✅ State persistence with Context API and localStorage
  • ✅ Protected routes
  • ✅ Routes with access permissions based on the logged in user
  • ✅ CRUD for each registration functionality
  • ✅ Rules for not allowing duplicate entries
  • ✅ Search and pagination filters
  • ✅ Charts with metrics from the last 7, 15 and 30 days
  • ✅ Choose between dark and light theme
  • ✅ Responsive for mobile

Running the application

After having cloned the repository and accessed its folder through the terminal, run the command below

  npm install
  • Go to /src/services/axios.ts and change baseURL to your API URL

  • Make sure you have configured the API and activated it, then run the command below

  npm start



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