Stapp frontend

  • React 16, Redux 4, Router 4, Webpack 4
  • Domain-Driven File Structuring React/Redux
  • No CSS frameworks (minimal styles starter)
  • HMR support
  • Scaffolding feature (generate CRUD things)
  • Easy deploy ot GitHub pages


Clone the repo, and install dependencies

git clone [email protected]:theaidem/stapp.git ./project_name
cd project_name && yarn

Start dev server

yarn start

Open app in localhost

Change your code, hot reload is enabled, enjoy that)

If your application will works with API server you should define API_ROOT constant in config.

cp source/scripts/app/config.example.js source/scripts/app/config.js

edit the configuration. Research source/scripts/app/services/API.js how it works with API requests (so easy).

Scaffolding (code generation)

You can generate basic code for your CRUD flow. Avalible to generate redux actions and reducer, also yo can create react containers connected to redux store.

yarn run gen

Follow instructions, and see generated files. If you generated reducers, make sure you must import and combine that into source/scripts/app/reducers.js manually. Also you should define routes in source/scripts/app/router.jsx

Build project

yarn run build

Check ./dist folder, it's your production ready static files.

GitHub pages?

yarn run deploy:gh-pages

Make sure the application repo should hosted at github.
Follow to http://{your-name}{app-name} and you rock!


This project is licensed under the MIT license, Copyright (c) 2018 Max
Kokorin. For more information see