Full Stack E-commerce Web Application

Live Preview – EcoPlume

Technologies And Tools Used

  • React Js
  • Typescript
  • Redux Toolkit
  • React Query
  • React Router
  • React Hook Form
  • Firebase
  • Stripe


  • Product Catalog – Browse a wide range of products with detailed descriptions, images, and prices.

  • Search And Filters – Easily search for products using keywords and browse through multiple products using pagination and apply filters to narrow down choices.

  • Authentication – Create personalised accounts using email and password.

  • Shopping Cart – Add products to the cart, view the cart contents, and adjust quantities before checkout.

  • Checkout – Securely Checkout Uding Stripe Payment Link. Currently it in test mode.

  • Cart Item Persistence – User’s shopping cart items are automatically saved and retrieved from Firestore, ensuring a seamless shopping experience even if the user closes the browser or logs out. This feature enhances convenience and reduces the risk of losing items in the cart.

  • Newsletter Subscription – Easily Subscribe to newsletter and give reviews.

  • 404 Page – A custom 404 page design that provides a user-friendly experience when a page is not found. This page helps users navigate back to the main content or perform relevant actions.

  • Success Page – A dedicated success page to acknowledge successful checkout.

  • Dark Mode – Enjoy an enhanced visual experience with a dark mode theme. Switch between light and dark modes to reduce eye strain and personalize your browsing experience.

In Progress Work

  • Performance Optimisation
  • Fast Loading
  • Accessibility


Home Page

Search Page

Cart Panel

Auth Page


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