Pogy the Discord Bot [DJS V13]

A fully customizable bot built with 147 commands, 11 categories and a dashboard using discord.js v13

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Pogy is a discord bot that we made exactly 2 years ago, the code was broken so we decided to fix the bugs and make it a multipurpose discord.js v13 bot! You can click this link to invite the official Bot! Also, you can join the official Pogy’s Support Server for assistance.

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147 commands and 11 different categories!

  • alt detector: Blocks alts from the guild
  • applications: Manage applications from the website
  • config: Configure server settings
  • utility: Some utility commands
  • economy: Started but not done
  • fun: A ton of commands to keep your server active
  • images: Image Commands
  • information: Information Commands
  • moderation: Mod commands to moderate your discord server
  • reaction roles: Reaction roles
  • tickets: Guild tickets for support

Pogy even has the following features on the website

  • Ticket Transcripts + Application Transcripts
  • Contact & Report page
  • Welcome messages and farewell messages including embeds.
  • Full customizable Logging and moderation
  • Full customizable Suggestions and Server Reports
  • A built in Premium system
  • A built in maintenance mode
  • A members Page
  • Auto Mod, Levelling, and Commands ( not done )
  • Built in TOP.gg API

Webhooks: (for Developer) With Pogy You can even log everything using webhooks directly from the config file!


First clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/Pogy-Bot/Pogy.git

After cloning, run an

npm install

Setting Up

Your config.json should follow

  • “developers”: ID of Developers who can use the owner commands [ARRAY],
  • “status”: Your bot Status [STRING],
  • “discord”: Your bot’s Support Server [STRING],
  • “dashboard”: If you want to enable the website dashboard [“true” / “false”] (STRING),
  • “server”: Your support server id [STRING],
  • “prefix”: Your default bot prefix [STRING],


  • “logs”: Webhook URL for command logs.,
  • “maintenance_logs”: Webhook URL for maintenance logs (if it gets triggered automatically),
  • “ratelimit_logs”: Webhook URL for ratelimit logs,
  • “blacklist”: Webhook URL for blacklist logs,
  • “report”: Webhook URL for report logs,
  • “contact”: Webhook URL for contact logs,
  • “bugs”: Webhook URL for bugs logs,
  • “premium”: Webhook URL for premium logs,
  • “suggestions”: Webhook URL for suggestions logs,,
  • “votes”: Webhook URL for votes logs,
  • “errors”: Webhook URL for errors logs,
  • “auth”: Webhook URL for auth logs,
  • “joinsPublic”: Webhook URL to announce server joins in the support server,
  • “joinsPrivate”: Webhook URL to announce server joins in your private server,
  • “leavesPublic”: Webhook URL to announce server leaves in the support server,
  • “leavesPrivate”: Webhook URL to announce server leaves in the private server,
  • “maintenance”: Automatically enable maintenance mode if it gets rate limited [“true” / “false”] (STRING),
  • “maintenance_threshold”: The amount of ratelimit triggers needed to enable maintenance mode [STRING] recommended [3-10]. Example “3”,
  • “invite_link”: Your bot’s invite link,


  • “enabled”: if you want to enable SEO [“true” / “false”] (STRING),
  • “title”: Your website’s SEO title [STRING],
  • “description”: Your website’s SEO description [STRING],

or http://localhost:3000) no slash at the end.
  • MAIN_CLIENT_ID=the client id of your main application
  • AUTH_CLIENT_ID=the client id of your auth application
  • AUTH_CLIENT_SECRET= the client secret of your auth application
  • PORT= the port of your website | default=3000

    • ANALYTICS=your google analytics code,
    • GOOGLE_SITE_VERIFICATION=your google site verification code,
    • DATADOG_API_KEY=your data dog api key,
    • DATADOG_API_HOST= your data dog api host,
    • DATADOG_API_PREFIX= your data dog api prefix,
    • DBL_AUTH= your dbl authorization

    The callbacks in Discord’s dev portal This will have 2 parts, callback for the main client ID, and the other for the auth client ID. I did this so that the main client doesn’t get ratelimited. You can use the same Id for main_client_id and auth_client_id and put the 3 callbacks in the same application.

    MAIN CLIENT ID yourdomain/thanks example https://pogy.xyz/thanks or http://localhost:3000/thanks yourdomain/window example https://pogy.xyz/window or http://localhost:3000/window

    AUTH CLIENT ID yourdomain/callback example https://pogy.xyz/callback or http://localhost:3000/callback

    TOP.gg To add top.gg to your site, add DBL_AUTH as your dbl api key to the .env file. And yourdomain/dblwebhook as a webhook url on top.gg’s site settings. Example: `https://yourbot.com/dblwebhook

    Replit To run on replit you must install node js v.16.9.1 to do so go to bash (the bash terminal on your repl) and paste: npm init -y && npm i --save-dev [email protected] && npm config set prefix=$(pwd)/node_modules/node && export PATH=$(pwd)/node_modules/node/bin:$PATH

    Pease make sure you have enabled Privileged Intents on your Discord developer portal. You can find these intents under the “Bot” section, and there are two ticks you have to switch on. For more information on Gateway Intents, check out this link.

    You can launch the bot with npm start

    Important Note: Before you join the support server for help, read the guide carefully.


    • You can change the emojis in: 1- assets/emojis.json 2- data/emoji.js


    • You can change the colors in data/colors.js


    Released under the Apache License license.


    You can donate Pogy and make it stronger than ever by clicking here!


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