Welcome to Apni Dukan (Amazon Clone)

>>> “Work In Progress” <<<

React + TypeScript to build a fully-functional e-commerce website similarly like Amazon. An e-commerce website using MERN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, React and Node.JS).

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Let’s Dive into What we have made

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Done & Dusted

  • Created react application in TypeScript
  • Created e-commerce pages like Products, singleProduct, cart using React Router Dom
  • React hooks to handle form inputs and fetch backend api
  • Managed and monitor application state by React’s “useContext”
  • Handling shopping cart using reducers and local storage

Upcoming Plan

  • Building backend web api by node.js, express.js and MongoDB
  • Will Create remaining e-commerce pages like checkout and place order using React Router Dom
  • Defining and exporting Types like product, orders and user in frontend
  • Will Handle authentication and authorization using JsonWebToken and express middleware.
  • Will Deploy application on cloud servers like Render
  • Will try to learn & add Mailgun to email order receipt to user

>>> “Work In Progress” <<<

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