Game Master Campaign Manager

A management tool for your favorite 5e TTRPGs! Keep track of your maps, NPCs, rule references, spells, and monsters in this virtual notebook. Roll virtual dice, click interactive stat sheets, and more. Explore the docs »

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Table of Contents
  1. About The Project

  2. Getting Started

  3. Usage
  4. Roadmap
  5. Contributing
  6. License
  7. Contact
  8. Acknowledgments

About The Project

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Built With

Getting Started

The GMCM is built as a Gatsby theme plugin. Your content will reside in .mdx files inside src/content that will autogenerate pages/content as you create them.

It’s simplest to use the GMCM as a localhost tool, but even if you plan to host an instance of your GMCM, it’s important to get your local environment set up first.

To get a local copy up and running, follow these simple steps.


Make sure that your terminal accepts yarn/npm and gatsby commands.

  • yarn/npm

    npm -v
    yarn -v
  • Gatsby CLI
    gatsby -v

Install these if they are not already.


  • Create the folder where your new gatsby site will live locally

    mkdir my-gmcm
    cd my-gmcm
  • Create a package.json
    yarn init -y
  • Install your packages
    yarn add react react-dom gatsby @iamgarrett/gatsby-theme-gmcm
  • Inside my-gmcm/ create a file called gatsby-config.js and add:

    module.exports = {
      plugins: ['@iamgarrett/gatsby-theme-gmcm'],
  • Run
    gatsby develop

    When the process is complete, your GMCM will be live at http://localhost:8000/


When you first run gatsby develop you’ll find your local site at http://localhost:8000/. It will be filled with example content that is housed within the plugin. To begin adding your own content, go to your project’s root directory and you’ll see that gatsby-theme-gmcm has created a src/content directory. This is where all your content will live.

There are four directories you can add to begin adding content:


In order, these will be used to contain your campaigns/adventures, any rule references you wish to document, spell documentation, monster documentation.

For more information about creating your own content, please refer to the Wiki documentation


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.


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