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Scripion is a versatile tool designed to streamline command management on your device. For developers and engineers who often find themselves navigating the intricacies of the shell and terminal, Scripion is a trusted companion. While these command-line interfaces are invaluable for complex tasks, not all commands require their full attention.

With Scripion, you can effortlessly organize and execute a wide range of commands without the need for constant terminal interaction. This user-friendly application simplifies the process of handling basic scripts, allowing you to focus your valuable terminal resources on more critical tasks.


MacOS: Scrripion Beta v0.0.1


Store commands in your workspace

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Scripion allows you to store, update workspace names, and remove workspaces easily. Regarding privacy concerns, workspaces are stored locally on your device using SQLite3.

Integrate with different framework projects

Support: package.json projects Scripion automatically reads package.json from the imported workspaces and stores them as Scripion’s workspace scripts with interactive UI. To import the workspace, click on the + Add workspace button. If the workspace is not a valid project, it won’t be imported to Scripion.

Execute command with one click

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View script history of multiple shells

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Scripion streamlines script history management by offering a unified view of scripts executed across various shells. This feature simplifies record-keeping, ensuring that you can efficiently trace your scripting activities.

📝 Scripion does not store your data, it is designed to utilize the history command of the shell feature.


Scripion is built using Tauri + Rust for backend and React + Typescript for frontend.

Getting started

Start building Scripion on local

cargo tauri dev

Build MacOS bundle

npm run tauri build

Format code

npm run prettier:fix

Scripion is developed and maintained under @nomadiz team wit love ❤️


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