Madlibs Against Humanity

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Welcome to Madlibs Against Humanity, a place where users can create and review madlibs, and search based on category.

Index Page


This will host a signup and login button for the users to register and login. Ideally we will have a wheel of the top 15 madlips displayed for the user to see but not participate in until logged in.

Creating a Madlib


Logged in users will be able to create a madlib adding blanks whenever they would like and marking each ‘blank’ with a word (type)

Rating a Madlib


Once a user is logged in they have the choice to create or do madlibs, once they complete a madlib, they can review it with a 1-5 star rating, this will place said Madlib higher or lower on the list of madlibs from that category

Your Madlibs


A user will also have the ability to view there own created madlibs with the current ratings as well as edit, or update them.

Dev Team

Technology Used

  • Back End:

    • Node.js
    • MongoDB
    • Mongoose
    • Express.js
  • Front End:

    • React.js
    • Axios
    • Redux
    • Sass


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