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Create your NFT minting site for Solana Candy Machine, in less than 5 minutes.

This repository contains a minimal UI front-end in React, for creating NFT drop sites for Solana Candy Machines.

It also includes the option to accept credit cards via Crossmint (which takes under 5 min to set up as well).

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Accept credit card payments

Accepting credit card payments allows you to sell to more customers who don’t yet have a wallet, or are using their phones. With crossmint, accepting credit cards is free for you (seller), and you’ll still receive all the funds instantly in SOL.

To get more in-depth integration instructions visit our Solana Candy Machine documentation.

It takes less than 5 lines of code and 5 minutes to integrate.

Set up

Make sure you have yarn and git installed. Then run:

git clone
cd candy-machine-react-ui


Copy the .env.template file into a file named .env

Then, uncomment either the “development” or “production” lines, depending on whether you are running a devnet candy machine or a production one.

Finally, in <YOUR CANDY MACHINE PROGRAM ID>, enter the candy machine ID you obtained when uploading your assets. More info


Run yarn dev to start a local server

Then make any UI changes into the src/Home.tsx file

Also be sure to update the title and description of your site in public/index.html

Deploy with Vercel

We recommend you deploy to Vercel, as it’s free, scalable and very easy to use.

To do so:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Install the vercel command line
  3. Run vercel on your project folder (generally the recommended configuration works)
  4. Go to the vercel console and configure the domain for your drop

Or just click this button

Deploy with Vercel


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