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LRE Water’s Unified Platform (UP) is a modern CMS and Dashboard Starter Kit built with React, Node.js, and Material UI. UP provides a standard and robust starting point for any project requiring modern content management tools with a responsive, mobile-first design.


It is recommended that you fork the project on GitHub so that you can have a repository to commit your project-specific changes while still being able to pull in any future unified platform updates or push any code from your project that would also be a good contribution to the platform.

To fork, visit and click the Fork button in the upper-right corner.

After forking, use the following commands to clone your fork and install the starter kit. Be sure to replace yourusername, yourforkname, and yourappname with the appropriate values.

git clone yourappname
cd yourappname && yarn install

You can now start the development server and begin work on your project!

yarn start:frontend && yarn start:backend

To learn more, check out our documentation and be sure to leave a message in Slack (#lre-unified-platform) if you have any questions.


$ yarn start           > Start the development server
                         NOTE: We recommend starting frontend and backend
                         separately for stability and ease of debugging

$ yarn start:frontend  > Start the development frontend server

$ yarn start:backend   > Start the development backend server

$ yarn cli             > Start the development command-line wizard

$ yarn lint            > Lint the code

$ yarn format          > Format the code

$ yarn build           > Build and bundle the project

$ yarn commit          > Commit the code using a wizard



Distributed under the MIT license.


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