A modular toolkit to build calendar-related things in React.

Calendars for React v15.

Not just calendar component, but a modular toolkit for building everything
related to calendars in React, such as Datepickers.

In early alpha stage, documentation and features will arrive.

Live Demo


npm install
npm run
<Calendar startDate={ moment() }
          endDate={ moment().endOf('year') } <!-- Base calendar component -->
            [                           <!-- Pass modifier objects to change rendering -->
                date: moment(),
                classNames: [ 'current' ],
                component: [ 'day', 'month', 'week' ] <!-- This shows the current day, week, and month. -->


Each component can be used separately AND passed to other components to modify
We have deprecated this in favor of passing a more flexible modifier object.

<Month date={moment()} />

If a modifier is passed without date it modifies all components of this type in
the tree. Useful, for example, for passing callbacks.

<Calendar firstMonth={1}
          startDate={ moment() }
          endDate={ moment().endOf('year') } <!-- Base calendar compoment -->
                component: [ 'day' ],
                events: {
                  onClick: (date) => alert(date)
          } />


All mouse and touch events are supported on all components with react style
onCamelCase props (eg. onClick). Event handlers receives two arguments -
date in moment.js format and the original react event.


There is no style by default, but an example theme using bootstrap is included
in less/bootstrap-theme.less.

react-calendar uses SuitCSS style (a variant of BEM) to make default class hierarchy,
if you want to add a class that is separate from that hierarchy just pass classes
prop to any component. classes is an object with keys as class names and values as
boolean-like values (this will be probably changed to just passing array of classes in
future API). If you want to add SuitCSS modifier classes (eg rc-Day--current),
pass similar object via modifiers prop (again this will probably become an array
in next version of API).

For example:

<Day date={moment()} mods={[{bar: true}]} />

will yield the following classes: "rc-Day rc-Day--bar".


  • [ ] Merging of modifiers and classe
  • [ ] Docs
  • [ ] Calendar should be able to page
  • [ ] A component for Year - Calendar is supposed to be a 'controller' component for pageable stuff
  • [ ] A component that is on lower level that Day - for events.
  • [x] Utils to create range of components for modifying multiple components easier
  • [ ] An example datepicker component using react-calendar
  • [x] Basic unit tests
  • [ ] More Tests!