STORM React Diagrams

React Diagrams is currently getting a bit of a rewrite to enable much more advanced features.


Get started with the default models right out of the box:


A no-nonsense diagramming library written entirely in React with the help of a few small libraries. It aims to be:

  • Simple, and void of any fuss/complications when implementing it into your own application
  • Customizable without having to hack the core (adapters/factories etc..)
  • Simple to operate and understand without sugar and magic
  • Fast and optimized to handle large diagrams with hundreds of nodes/links
  • Super easy to use, and should work as you expect it to
  • Perfect for creating declarative systems such as programmatic pipelines and visual programming languages

Run the demos

After running yarn install you must then run: yarn run storybook

Building from source

Simply run webpack in the root directory (or export NODE_ENV=production && webpack if you want a production build) and it will spit out the transpiled code and typescript definitions into the dist directory as a single file.
We use webpack for this because TSC cannot compile a single UMD file (TSC can currently only output multiple UMD files).