Shadcn Phone Input

Shadcn Phone Input is a phone input component crafted as an integral part of the Shadcn design system. The component is designed to fulfill the need for a phone input field that aligns seamlessly with Shadcn's sleek and modern design principles. It emphasizes a combination of customization options and ready-to-use styling, offering developers a practical solution for integrating phone input functionality into their projects.

Motivation: The creation of Shadcn Phone Input originated from the developer's need for a phone input component within a project. Despite the search for existing phone input components aligned with Shadcn's design system, none were found. As a result, the developer took the initiative to develop a solution that not only addressed the project's requirements but also contributed a valuable resource to the community.


  1. Shadcn Design System:

    • The phone input component seamlessly integrates with the Shadcn design system, ensuring consistency and adherence to modern design principles.
  2. Customization Options:

    • Shadcn Phone Input offers a blend of customization options, allowing developers to tailor the component to fit specific project requirements.
  3. Out-of-the-Box Styling:

    • The component provides ready-to-use styling, minimizing the effort required for integration and ensuring a cohesive visual appearance.

Usage and Application:

  • Developers seeking a phone input solution that aligns with Shadcn's design language can easily incorporate Shadcn Phone Input into their projects.
  • The component serves as a practical choice for applications and websites built within the Shadcn design system, maintaining a consistent user interface.

Note to Developers: Shadcn Phone Input stands as a valuable addition to the Shadcn design system, addressing the absence of a Shadcn-styled phone input component. Developers can explore the customization options and leverage the out-of-the-box styling to seamlessly integrate phone input functionality into their Shadcn-based projects.

Technology and Styling:

  • The component is designed with adherence to the Shadcn design system, ensuring a cohesive and modern visual appearance.
  • Developers interested in Shadcn's design principles can refer to the Shadcn Phone Input as an example of integrating design-specific components.

Acknowledgment: The developer's initiative in creating Shadcn Phone Input not only fulfills a project requirement but also contributes a valuable resource to the development community. The component's availability serves as a testament to the collaborative nature of open-source development.