Pizza Time

Pizza Time preview

Pizza Time: A delicious online experience. I designed and developed an e-commerce platform for this pizza restaurant, featuring an interactive menu with a variety of options including pizza, sushi, and pasta. Simplifying the online ordering process and providing a seamless user experience was the key goal of this project.


This project is released under the MIT LICENSE. You can find the specific terms and conditions outlined in the LICENSE file. This means you’re free to utilize, modify, and distribute the project according to the terms of the MIT License.

Build Your Portfolio:

Feel free to incorporate this project into your personal portfolio! Showcase your skills and creativity by featuring your adaptations or implementations of this project. Just make sure to follow the guidelines of the MIT License while doing so. At the same time, I do not recommend copy pasting this project into your portoflio and claiming it as your own until you read the code and understand the logic or rewrite it your own logic.

Happy coding!