A Raycast/Alfred/Spotlight alternative

Running this

Things that are working:

  • Global Option + Space shortcut
  • Floating panel, that hides/shows correctly (a la spotlight/alfred/raycast)
  • (Rough) Keyboard events, basic state handling (via mobx)
  • Some hardcoded code is in there for MY workflows
  • App search
  • Google translate
  • A basic todo list implementation
  • A basic calendar integration
  • A basic weather API integration (hardcoded to Munich)

TBH, I won’t be publishing this as product on my own, I have very little time for it nowadays, so please, feel free to fork it and create your own version, if you wanted to create a raycast/alfred product this is a great start for you, you can write most of the new logic in pure javascript, it’s react-native so if you know react it shouldn’t be a problem to do some cool new stuff

yarn && npx pod-install macos && yarn mac

In the mean time you can check out my other projects:

I’ll continue iterating on this on my free time but only for my own usage


MIT License


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