Appointment Planner

This is a small React Application for managing contacts and appointments.

General Information

  • I undertook this project as part of the Codecademy Full-Stack-Engineer course
  • This project was built outside of the Codecademy instruction will very little instruction to promote working on your own
  • The emphasis of this project was to work with stateful and stateless components using hooks and distributing props to the respective components

Technologies Used

  • React 17.0.1
  • React Router 5.2.0


  • Displaying contacts and appointments
  • Adding contacts
  • Adding appointments with contacts


Example screenshot


The dependencies which are necessary to run this app can be found in the package.json file.

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Navigate to the project folder in the terminal and install the necessary NPM dependencies

npm install
  1. Run the app typing

npm start

in your terminal and visit localhost:3000 in your browser.


  • How to separate stateful and stateless components
  • Passing props to the respective components (especially event handlers)
  • using useEffect to check for the validity of inputs
  • implementing a form in React
  • building reusable components like TileList to render the contents of different objects (appointments and contacts)

Project Status

The project is basically done. I may revisit it in the future to build some additional features into it.

To do

  • Making appointments with multiple contacts
  • Removing / editing contacts / appointments


  • This project is a part of the Codecademy Full-Stack-Engineer course.


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