React Timeline

A react component for animated timelines.



Requirements: radium

import Timeline from 'timeline'

      <div>Arbitrary entry</div>
      <div icon='x'>Arbitrary entry</div>

A custom icon can (optionally) be provided for each entry.


src/config.js holds the default configuration.

Alternative values can be passed to the <Timeline> component,
e.g. <Timeline animations={false} to disable animations (far more efficient,
as otherwise boundingRect of every entry is checked on every scroll event).

name default value description
paddingTop 50
mediaWidthMed 900
mediaWidthSmall 700
activeColor #F45B69
color black
twoSidedOverlap 80 negative overlap between items if two-sided
animations true
addEvenPropToChildren false
lineColor #FFF
circleWidth 30
paddingToItem 30
paddingToItemSmall 20
lineWidth 5
triangleWidth 16
triangleHeight 8
itemWidth 350
itemWidthMed 250
offsetHidden 200
triangleOffset 7
smallItemWidthPadding 50
itemPadding 16
evenItemOffset 0 important when using bootstrap.css


See the Pen Building a Vertical Timeline With CSS and a Touch of JavaScript by Envato Tuts+ (@tutsplus) on CodePen.