Kodemo is a new format for more engaging and interactive technical documentation. It’s great for tutorials and walkthroughs.

Kodemo Player

This repo contains the @kodemo/player package which is responsible for rendering and navigating Kodemo documents. The player is a React component and it needs to be provided with a valid Kodemo document.


To install and integrate @kodemo/player please follow the docs at https://kodemo.com/docs/player.


  1. Install @kodemo/player using your package manager of choice:
npm i @kodemo/player # yarn add @kodemo/player
  1. Import and render the KodemoPlayer component:

import React from 'react'
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom/client'
import { KodemoPlayer } from '@kodemo/player';

    <KodemoPlayer json={{
      story: '<h1>Example Document</h1>',
      subjects: {
        f992151a: {
          type: 'code',
          name: 'file.js',
          language: "javascript",
          versions: {
            e60944c4: { value: 'const a = 123;', },

Development Setup

If you want to make changes to the @kodemo/player source here’s how:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run yarn install
  3. Run yarn dev to start the development server
  4. Open the URL from the dev server output and 💥

Other scripts

# run tests
yarn test

# build a new release
yarn build

Adding New Subject Types

Each subject in Kodemo is its own React component. You can easily add your own subject types by following these steps:

  1. Create your subject component in the subjects directory. I recommend using AbstractSubject as a starting point.
  2. Export your subject from subjects/index.ts.
  3. Add your subject to enum/SubjectType.ts.


If you’re planning to work with the Kodemo source here are a few key concepts and names that are good to know about.

  • The story is the main body text of the documentation.
  • Subjects are the individual pieces of content that the documentation covers. A subject can be an image, code, etc.
  • Subjects can have multiple versions. Each version represents a variant of the same subject. For example, multiple versions are used to animate lines being added or removed from code.
  • The timeline is the bar with vertical line segments that indicate which subject that will become active when scrolling.
  • Effects are keywords within the story that are linked to a specific subject version. They form the relationship between the story and subjects.


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