React Inline Confirm Component

A react component that allows you to get a confirmation of action from the user before executing an action.


npm install react-inline-confirm --save

How to Use

import React from "react";
import InlineConfirmButton from "react-inline-confirm";

const textValues = ["Delete", "Are you sure?", "Deleting..."];
const confirmIconClass = `fa fa-${isExecuting ? "circle-o-notch fa-spin" : "fa fa-trash"}`;

	<InlineConfirmButton className="btn btn-default" textValues={textValues} showTimer isExecuting={isExecuting} onClick={handleClick}>
		<i className={confirmIconClass}></i>
), document.getElementById("myApp"));

function handleClick() {
	console.log("got a confirmation!");

This would allow the user to confirm their action before calling the handleClick function.
IsExecuting is a required flag prop that can be used to track the execution state of the react-inline-confirm button's click event handler from the parent component. This can come in handy when the callback method returns a promise or performs asynchronous operations in general, since those can return before the method execution actually produces a result.


  1. yarn from the root directory
  2. yarn start
  3. In your browser, navigate to localhost:3139

To reload, simply save your work. The app will recompile and your browser will refresh once bundled.