React Easy Flip

An extremely lightweight React library for smooth FLIP animations (843B minified + gzipped).


npm install react-easy-flip
yarn add react-easy-flip

Get started

  1. Import useFlipAnimation hook:

    import { useFlipAnimation } from 'react-easy-flip'


    const { useFlipAnimation } = require('react-easy-flip')
  2. Attach a ref to the element that contains animated children

  3. Attach a unique data-id prop to every child (it can be the same as a key prop, but make sure to follow the same rules that apply to keys)

  4. Use the hook by passing it your ref and dependencies that you would normally pass to useEffect (e.g. an array that is used to render children):

    useFlipAnimation({ root: yourRoot, deps: yourArray })


useFlipAnimation accepts one argument, which is an object containing your parent ref, dependencies and options.

Field Required Type Details
root true ref A React reference to a parent element which contains children you want to animate
deps true any Hook dependencies
opts false object Animation options object

Comparison with other libraries

Unlike similar libraries such as react-overdrive or react-flip-toolkit that are based on a FLIP technique, this library does not yet support animating opacity or scale. It can only animate positions. The primary trade-off is the package size.

Additionally, this is the only FLIP library for React that provides animation via a hook. It does not use React class components and lifecycle methods that are considered unsafe in latest releases of React.


You may add an opts options object to the argument of useFlipAnimation. It allows you to specify transition duration, easing function and animation delay:

Field Default Type Details
transition 500 number Transition duration (in milliseconds)
easing "ease" string Animation easing function (any valid CSS value)
delay 0 number Animation delay (in milliseconds)

Usage example:

const opts = {
  transition: 700,
  easing: 'ease-out',
  delay: 300

useFlipAnimation({ root: rootRef, opts, deps: depArray })


The code for the demo above can be found in this repository here.


This library requires React version 16.8.0 or higher (the one with Hooks).

In progress

  • [ ] Add Typescript support
  • [ ] Add support for animating scale and opacity
  • [ ] Add comprehensive examples
  • [x] Add tests