BSMNT Scrollytelling

BSMNT Scrollytelling is a library for creating Scrollytelling animations. It’s powered by GSAP ScrollTrigger, but abstracts away some things to make it work better with React.

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To get started, we’ll need the @bsmnt/scrollytelling package, as well as the required peer dependency: GSAP.

yarn add @bsmnt/scrollytelling gsap


At basement, we’ve built a bunch of websites that use scroll animations. Over the years, we faced some issues that required solutions that we copy-pased throughout different project. While preparing his talk for the React Miami Conference, JB decided to build a library to share how we build these with the world.

Challenges we faced

  • Needed a deep understanding of how GSAP works with ScrollTrigger.
  • Needed to be careful about running animations inside useEffect and then cleaning them up.
  • Couldn’t think of scroll animations in terms of a start and an end, so it was hard to fire up animations at the exact scroll progress we needed to.


We aimed at componentizing a way of building scroll animations that could:

  • ✅ Provide sensible defaults for scroll animations, such as scrub: true, and ease: 'linear'.
  • ✅ Take care of component mounting and unmounting.
  • ✅ Create animations with absolute positioning defined by a start and an end, instead of a time-based duration.

As an added benefit, going “component-based” allowed us to:

  • ✅ Improve compatibility with React Server Components: our components definitely 'use client', but not necessarily the parents or children of our components.
  • ✅ Compose animations at every level of the tree, as it all works with React Context.

A simple example of how this works:

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  • Root: Creates timeline and scrollTrigger, provides React Context.
  • Animation: Appends an animation to the timeline. Receives a tween prop that will control how the animation behaves.
  • Waypoint: Runs a callback or tween at a specific point in the timeline. Can also receive a label prop, that will create a GSAP label at that position.
  • RegisterGsapPlugins: Registers custom GSAP plugins, if you need them for a specific use case.
  • Parallax: Helper to create a simple parallax.
  • ImageSequenceCanvas: Helper to create a simple image sequence animation.
  • useScrollytelling: Context consumer. Returns the timeline.
  • useScrollToLabel: Scrolls to the label name you pass. Labels can be added with the Waypoint component.


For our talk at React Miami Conf, we did a small demo to showcase this library in action. This is the best place to see how the library works in a real world scenario. Check it out:



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