Recipe Catalogue is a React & Redux web app based on a catalog of recipes. It contains a browsable list of meals that you can filter by category or type and access to one meal recipe. The data is retrieved from Meals DB ( and then stored in the Redux store.

Video Presentation

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Built With ?

- JavaScript
- React
- Redux

Getting Started

  • Clone the repo
  • cd into the project
  • Run git pull origin app
  • Run yarn install or npm install to install dependencies
  • On the terminal run npm run start open up the live server
  • To run tests write npm run test on the terminal


  • Fork the project
  • Create your feature branch git checkout -b awesome-feature
  • Commit your changes git commit -m 'Awesome feature'
  • Push it git push -u origin awesome-feature
  • Open a pull request using this branch


?‍? Uduak John