A React Typescript search interface for the popular service.

Lets get to it


We want you to create a search interface for Giphy. To do so, you will need to sign up to create a Giphy App and obtain an API key. You can do so here.

Once you have your API Key you are tasked with creating a working search interface to display Giphy search results which you feel is nice to use.

What we’re looking for

  1. It is intuitive to use
  2. It loads quickly
  3. It feels quick to use
  4. It handles errors nicely
  5. You don’t reinvent the wheel

3rd party code

Please use any of the npm modules you want use to create this app. In fact, we don’t want you to write everything from scratch.

We have a few exceptions:

  1. Please don’t rely on a single module which magically satisfies all of the requirements above (i.e. some kind of Giphy search component).
  2. Please use the axios module do make the API requests and parse the results yourself. i.e. Please don’t use the giphy npm module, however if you find a rad npm module to lay the images out, then please go for it!

Do your best

We’re interested in learning what you think makes an app feel good to use. Please spend some time thinking about positive user experiences you’ve had online and try to bring a bit of that into your work.

And Finally

This is a take home test, that said don’t spend hours perfecting every aspect of it, we’d like to see it back in 24 hours.

When you’re done

Send it to [email protected]

Building and running on localhost

First install dependencies:

npm install

To start a local dev environment:

npm run start

To create a production build:

npm run build-prod

To create a development build:

npm run build-dev


npm run start

Visit the page via http://localhost:8080/


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