hana-ui is a completed UI component libray which almost base components that you may use in development works, and it also easy to use in your page.


npm install hana-ui

// or

yarn add hana-ui



Before using hana-ui, you should import the default configuration of styles to ensure hana could build application successfully:

import 'hana-ui/hana-style.scss';

On the other hand, for allowing user to use their own themes and import independent component, please add loaders for scss files in configuration file of webpack and ensure the node_modules is not added to rule exclude.

Note: hana-ui also supports typescript with d.ts files, and we commend you to use it !

import hana-ui in your page


import React from 'react';
import {Button} from 'hana-ui';
// or just import Button
import {Button} from 'hana-ui/dist/seeds/Button';

export default () => (
  <Button size={'middle'}>
    Touch me...

More components usage please checkout Documents page.

Custom Theme

hana allows you to use your own themes by using sass-resource-loader, you can pass a scss file includes configurations of theme to use it:

  test: /\.(css|sass|scss)$/,
  use: [
      loader: 'sass-loader'
      loader: 'sass-resources-loader',
      options: {
        resources: './themes/himawari.scss'
  exclude: /node_modules/

You can check here for template of configurations: himawari.scss.


Change the world with hana.


You could contribute to hana-ui in may ways, hana needs your help.

Tell to us

  1. Open the project hana-ui on Github.
  2. Submit your issue with detailed description, code and error stack.
  3. We will have a discussion and find the way to fix bugs.
  4. Bugs are fixed.

Fix by yourself

  1. Open the project hana-ui on Github.
  2. Fork it and fix bugs in a new branch.
  3. Open a pull request with detailed description such as information, scope of influence...
  4. We will review changes and merge it to master branch.


Following npm scripts may help you while developing.

1. Develop:

npm run dev

Then open the 8000 port and preview the demo.

1. Prebuilt:

npm run build

Compile source code to dist folder with es5.