A real time application that connects to a wabsocket server and presents data in a chart.


To install, clone this repository, access the root folder of the project and run the following scripts:

  • npm install
  • npm start

Also, you must clone this repository and follow their instructions to run the backend.

Available Scripts

Script Description
npm start Runs the app in the development mode.
npm test Runs unit tests
npm test:coverage Runs unit tests and generate a coverage report
npm run build Builds the app for production

Requirements checked

  • The data should update every time new data is received from the socket
  • Add a Toast that indicates that the socket is connected or disconnected
  • Save 5 minutes data
  • If data value is bigger than 100, don’t present it.
  • Add unit test or any automation testing if needed.


I am using the feature-first organization strategy that provides our app with isolation and encapsulation of UI components. This way our components are reusable in other projects. ?

Also, I aimed to reduce coupling and keep a low level of cognitive complexity.

Folder Structure

Folder Description
__assets Contains fonts and images.
adapters Contains adapters to external services.
api Contains API services like websock
components Home for all React components
config Contains constants for configuration and global styling
core Contains pure functions with business logic.
helpers Reusable functions that can be used anywere in the app
hooks Custom React hooks
model The entities’ interfaces
pages Home for all the pages

A print showing the UI of the app


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