A real-time chatting application, basically a clone of whatsapp web.


  1. Real-time chatting
  2. Images & document sharing.
  3. Authentication with Google.

Login Page

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Home Page

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Chat Page

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Built With

  • ReactJs
  • MaterialUI
  • NodeJs
  • Express Server
  • Socket.io
  • MongoDB

Getting Started

To get local copy up and running in your local machine follow this simple step:

  1. Download zip of the repository on your system and extract it.
  2. Make sure you have node.js and npm installed on your system.
  3. Open terminal on all three folders and run npm i to install node_modules.
  4. After installing run npm start on the client folder terminal.
  5. Run nodemon on both the server folder terminal and socket folder terminal.

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!


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