Amazon Clone


  • Build checkout/ payment page with stripe functionality
  • Complete the checkout screen with the React context API
  • Build Login Page with full login functionality (sign up and sign in) with firebase authentication
  • Deploy cloud function to process payment (servesless)
  • Firebase for real time database
  • Store orders for logged in user
  • Responsive Design
  • Deploy the app live on netlfiy

Technical Skills used in this project

Front End Back End
✔ react hooks ✔ NodeJS
✔ react redux ✔ Express / cors
✔ react router ✔ Authtentication with Firebase
✔ redux toolkit ✔ Firebase Cloud Function
✔ redux-devtools-extension ✔ Firebase Hosting
✔ immer ✔ Realtime Database / Cloud Firestore
✔ reselect ✔ Stripe-js
✔ redux-thunk
✔ redux-persist
✔ formik
✔ react bootstrap / AntDesign


Quick start

  • Download from Github or clone the repo: git clone

  • Make sure your NodeJS and npm versions are up to date for 16.14.1

  • Install dependencies: npm install or yarn

  • Start the server: npm run start or yarn start

  • Views are on: localhost:3000

  • Payment API Endpoint: http://localhost:5001/amzon-clone-41385/us-central1/api or Get a local endpoint: firebase emulators:start


Mostafa habib


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