Flycomponents is a set of react UI components used to create payment forms in Flywire.


Add the dependency to your package.json:

"flycomponents": "git+"

Create a new release

To create a new release, make all the changes that you need and commit them, then execute:

npm version [<newversion> | major | minor | patch | premajor | preminor | prepatch | prerelease | from-git]

For example:

npm version patch

This will bump the package.json version, build a new bundle, commit, push the changes tagging them to a new release and update the documentation.

Then create a PR and request the review from other project commiters. Once accepted and merged to master, execute npm publish from master branch.


The documentation source is under the docs folder.
To update the documentation and publish the changes to Github Pages:

> make bash
docs# npm run build:docs
> # commit the changes