Garlic 🧄🧛

Garlic is a simple, fast and secure way to protect your website from being scraped by bots.

User Sees user

Try Now!

  1. Go to this website:
  2. You will see normal text the way it should be
  3. Run the following command: wget
  4. Open the index.html
  5. You will see the encoded text 🙂


Currently, this is in development, but the beta works like this:


Install the packages with npm i garlic-react, you should then import the Garlic class with:

import Garlic from 'garlic';

You just need to wrap your html in the garlic() method:

function App() {
  return Garlic.clove(
          <div className="App">
            <p>Go away robots :)</p>

Go to index.js or anywhere before render. Add the following line of code:


And all is done!


Coming soon 🙂


AI needs data, your website might end-up in the dataset it uses for training. Dont want that? Garlic should help 🙂


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