This is a simple app that converts a screenshot to HTML/Tailwind CSS. It uses GPT-4 Vision to generate the code, and DALL-E 3 to generate similar looking images.


  • 🔥 You can now instruct the AI to update the code as you wish. Useful if the AI messed up some styles or missed a section.
  • The app has a React/Vite frontend and a FastAPI backend. You will need an OpenAI API key with access to the GPT-4 Vision API.

    Run the backend (make sure you have poetry installed on your system):

    cd backend
    echo "OPENAI_API_KEY=sk-your-key" > .env
    poetry install
    poetry shell
    poetry run uvicorn main:app --reload --port 7000

    Run the frontend:

    cd frontend
    yarn dev

    Open http://localhost:5173 to use the app.

    If you prefer to run the backend on a different port, update VITE_WS_BACKEND_URL in frontend/.env.local

    If you have feature requests, bug reports or other feedback, open an issue or ping me on Twitter.

    Hosted version coming soon on Pico.


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