JC Calendar

This is a simple calendar app where you can add reminders for a specific date/time and city.


Installing Dependencies

You will need Node.js (v12+) to start and build this project.

Also will need to run the following command in order to install the project's dependencies before running other commands:

npm install

Running in Development Mode

To start the project simply run:

npm start

This will start a webpack development server that will serve the built web app. It also includes hot-reloading for live updates when you save a file.

If you want to use the forecast functionality you'll need to add the API key as follows:

REACT_APP_FORECAST_API_KEY=api_key_value npm start

If you are a Windows user, open a PowerShell window and run:

$env:REACT_APP_FORECAST_API_KEY="api_key_value"; npm start

You will need to replace api_key_value for the actual key.

You can find more about the API and get a key at https://www.weatherapi.com/.

Running Tests

npm test

This will start jest, which will run tests when tests changes or files that are being used for testing changes.

Creating a Production Build

If you are on a Unix based system, run:

NODE_ENV=production npm run build

If you are a Windows user, open a PowerShell window and run:

$env:NODE_ENV="production"; npm run build

You can also set NODE_ENV as an environment variable in any way you would with any other variable, or you can also just omit it.

Please note that if NODE_ENV is not set to production, some files will not be optimized.

You will still need to set REACT_APP_FORECAST_API_KEY as mentioned in Running in Development Mode, if you wish to use the forecast API functionality.



Builds the view layer of the web app.


Store's the app's data and acts as it's single source of truth. Is also responsible for predictable state changes through actions.

Redux Saga

A Redux middleware that will handle async actions as well as complex actions, acting as a process manager.



The CSS framework of the web app. It is a utility-first CSS framework.