Hacktoberfest 2021 with IEEE-VIT ❤️

Hangman-React is a simple Hangman Game built using React JS.

Support open source software by participating in Hacktoberfest and get goodies and a free t-shirt! ?

Please check all issues labelled as hacktoberfest to start contributing!

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Getting Started

  • Fork it.

  • Clone your forked repo and move inside it:

git clone https://github.com/IEEE-VIT/hangman-react.git && cd hangman-react

  • Checkout to a new branch to work on an issue:

git checkout -b my-amazing-feature

  • Setup
  1. To setup this project, simply run the following command:

$ yarn install


$ npm install

It should create a node_modules folder, and you’re good to go! ?

  1. All the components are setup inside hangman-react/src/components. Most of your code should go there.

  2. To start the project, simply run the following command:

$ yarn start


$ npm start
  • Once you’re all done coding, it’s time to open a PR ?
    Run the following commands from the root of the project directory:

git add .

git commit -m "A short description about the feature."

git push origin <my-amazing-feature>

Open your forked repo in your browser and then raise a PR to the master branch of this repository!


To start contributing, check out CONTRIBUTING.md. New contributors are always welcome to support this project. If you want something gentle to start with, check out issues labelled as easy or good-first-issue. Check out issues labelled as hacktoberfest if you are up for some grabs! ?


This project is licensed under MIT