react-stars ⭐

A simple star rating component for your React projects

React Rating stars

Get started quickly

Install react-stars package with NPM:

npm install react-rating-star-with-type --save

Then in your project include the component:

import { useState } from "react";
import ReactStars from 'react-rating-star-with-type'

export default function app(){
    const [star, setStar] = useState(5);

    const onChange=(nextValue)=>{
    return <ReactStars 
    activeColors={[ "red", "orange", "#FFCE00", "#9177FF","#8568FC",]} 


This a list of props that you can pass down to the component:

Property Description Default value type
className Name of wrapper class "" string
count How many total stars you want 5 number
value Set rating value 0 number
emptyIcon Which character you want to use as a star (react-icons) ReactNode
halfIcon Which character you want to use as a half star (react-icons) ReactNode
filledIcon Which character you want to use as a active star (react-icons) ReactNode
inactiveColor Color of inactive star #808080 string
activeColors Colors of active star (depend of value) [] String[]
activeColor Color of selected or active star #FED900 string
size Size of stars (if provide string you must mention unit , for example: “1rem” ) 14 number or String
style style object for component wrapper {} object
isEdit Should you be able to select rating or just see rating (for reusability) false boolean
valueShow Should component use valueShow, if need Rating show with stars false boolean
onChange(new_rating) Will be invoked any time the rating is changed undefined function

Help improve the component

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You will need to have React in your project in order to use the component, I didn’t bundle React in the build, because it seemed like a crazy idea.


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