Simple Dashboard using multiple JS stack

A simple React/Redux/Relay/Next.js dashboard template with perfect benchmarks using Material UI.



  • React/Redux with Immutable, Thunk, Reselect, etc.

  • GraphQL with subscriptions using React Relay Modern (not Apollo)

  • Next.js with Webpack and Babel doing cached Server Side Rendering (SSR) on an Express.js backend with Redis and MongoDB via Mongoose

  • Material UI with custom dark and light themes

  • Formik, Mapbox GL, Victory Chart, React Intl, React Virtualized, etc.

  • Email/password or Twitter/Google/Facebook authorization using Passport.js

  • Caching service worker from Google Workbox

  • Modular "ducks" project structure with Dependency Injection Container


  • MongoDB for the data

  • Redis for the cache and PubSub

  • API Server: api/

  • Frontend App: web/