Secret Word Game

A simple React game project to evolve my skills

The game consists of you hitting the word, you enter letters, and every letter you hit will appear in the word, every letter you miss, you lose a chance.

You receive a “hint” to try to guess the word, if you manage to get the word right, you get a score according to the difficulty of the word and are forwarded to a new word.

When you lose you are taken to a GameOver screen, displaying your accumulated score throughout the game.

It’s a pretty cool little game, and you can play it by going to:

This application was hosted at (

This project is part of a course I’m studying, follow the prints:

Stage 1, Menu

alt text

Stage 2, Game

alt text

Stage 3, End

alt text

With this project I learned to use two more very important hooks {useEffect, useCallBack}.

It also helped to understand how to use the useState hook correctly.

It was a good project, I still think it’s kind of “simple”, but it’s much more complex than a calculator, isn’t it?

anyway… see you in a next project, by.

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